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Visit to Tzoumerka

Villages with stone houses and mansions coexist with the natural surroundings and create a picture of serenity and harmony that invites you to explore it and admire the greatness of nature.

An important characteristic of the area is the large variety of bird species. The protection of these rare species, which are under extinction, has led to the inclusion of many of the Tzoumerka villages in the Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

Natural beauty and exploration in Tzoumerka

Tzoumerka, as well as the wider region, is a gem of mountainous Greece due to the dense forests and the impressive and rich flora and fauna. In the deep green, the river Arachthos, and its tributary, Kalárytikos, create a fairytale like scenery that remains engraved in mind and soul.

During the tour in Tzoumerka visitors will come across many pleasant surprises! Traditional bridges sprang up in various parts of the area, with the most famous one being the Plaka bridge, which is the largest bridge of its kind in the Balkans (40 meters long, 18-20 meters high). Other places worth visiting include the Red Church just outside the village of Vourgareli, the Pantelis Karalis Museum, the Anemotrypa Cave just outside the village of Pramanta and the Kipina Monastery.

Tzoumerka can be described as a 'paradise' for nature lovers and those who love exploration! The area has wonderful hiking trails that will lead you to spectacular beauty spots and give you the opportunity to admire the natural richness that surrounds you. For the more adventurous ones, Tzoumerka hide more treasures! The area offers activities such as rafting, 4x4, mountain biking and horse riding and invites you to enjoy this magical natural scenery from a different angle.


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The ancient theater of Dodoni

The greatness of ancient Greece and the architectural miracles of ancient times, will take your breath away during your visit to the ancient theater of Dodoni, 22 kilometers south from the center of Ioannina!

The theater of Dodoni (2000 BC), which was started to be built at the beginning of the 3rd century BC. by the King of Epirus – Pyrros, at the foot of Mount Thomas, is a place of national prestige and a significant part of the country’s cultural heritage. Its capacity of about 18,000 seats, place it among the largest and best-preserved ancient theaters in the country.

The archaeological site of Dodoni, where you will have the chance to admire unique monuments and ancient buildings, is of great cultural value and an important part of the ancient Greek cultural heritage!

The theater of Dodoni continues to serve its purpose as theatrical performances are still being performed during the summer season.

Action and myths in Acheron River

If you want to enjoy the majestic coexistence of natural beauty with the Greek mythology, then visit Acheron River!


Acherontas River carries the myth of the 'house of the souls' in its waters. According to ancient Greek mythology, Hermes transfered the souls of the dead to Charon, through Acherontas River, in order to reach the kingdom of Hades, the king of the dead. That is why it is said that the flatland of Acheron, next to Lake Acherousia, was the ‘house’ of the souls, where the Nekromantio of Acheron was created.

The Acheron River today

The Acheron River crosses, among several regions, the region of Ioannina and the large number of its springs comes from the snow of Mount Tomaros in the region of Ioannina, the mountains of Souli and the mountains of Paramythia Thesprotia.

In the modern times, the Acheron River, with a length of around 52 kilometers, and the surrounding area, consist a popular destination for visitors due to the natural beauty and environmental significance. The streams and river estuaries, as well as the wider area belong to the Natura 2000 European Nature Conservation Areas and are a key source of information in the field of environmental education.


In the frame that creates the beautiful natural landscape and the morphology of the area around the river that facilitates access to visitors, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique moments with your friends or family and try out various activities such as canyoning, kayaking, rafting, and even riding. But for those who prefer to stand their feet on the ground, there is the possibility of hiking, where you can cross the river to the river’s mouth in Ammoudia, accompanied by an experienced guide.


The Lake Hotel provides services and helps you organize a visit to Acheron River as well as your participation in the above activities, in cooperation with local organizations.


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