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Corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability


Based on our philosophy, at The Lake Hotel we are committed to making sustainable holidays the way to experience exclusive hospitality, executive services, creative gastronomy, beautiful surroundings, regional culture and customs. Our day to day operations and actions are taking into account the whole picture, addressing the social, environmental and economic aspects.

Our recruitment plan is aiming to employ and develop people from the local area, and we are proud that most of our staff members are locals. Our people follow our carefully designed health and safety policy consequently updated to late legislation requirements . All employees have access to the hotel’s doctor. We are committed on the continues development of our people with training programs, which include but are not limited to Health and Safety policies, Environmental & Sustainability practices, First Aid, H.A.C.C.P. and safe food handling, Customer Service, Wine and Gastronomy. Respecting gender equality 50% of hotel’s employees are female. All our employees are fully insured and have a legal contract in compliance to the Greek legislation.

Supporting and promoting locality has always been a priority for us. Much of our construction and day to day operations suppliers, are from the Epirus creating more regional employment opportunities and giving back to the society. The use and presentation of local products to our guests create an experimental bonding with the area promoting our customs, traditions, and philosophy. Being awarded with ‘’the Greek Breakfast’’ , our guests have the chance to experience top quality local products through our menus, presentations of wineries using indigenous vine varieties. Organised trips are available to explore the area, meet with the locals and assist the economy.

The comparative advantage of the hotel, is the relationship it develops with the natural environment. The Lake Hotel is a hotel unit of high standards, which was created with respect for the environment and the history of the city. It is a modern building, based on continental architecture, in an area of ​​unparalleled natural beauty, next to the lake of Ioannina. In a total area of ​​13.5 acres, a stone's throw from the protected area of ​​Lake Pamvotida (included in the European NATURA 2000 network), the tourist unit extends, while the surrounding area is dominated by continental flora, with firs and cypresses, magnolias and plane trees , as well as the aromatic plants of the region such as rosemary, mint, oregano, lavender, etc.

The Lake Hotel is a green hotel, with an emphasis on all the specifications for the protection of the environment:

  • The operation of the hotel, as well as the consumables, were carefully selected so that they harmonize and do not burden the environment
  • Indicatively, all the care products used are offered in 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Stationery is biodegradable and recyclable or recycled
  • At the same time, we participate in the recycling program of the municipality of Ioannita and we have installed waste material separation bins throughout the hotel.

Energy saving
At The Lake Hotel we save energy through policies such as:

  • managing the change of bed linen
  • the placement of detectors throughout the building for lighting
  • and the installation of low consumption lamps

In addition, a special study has been prepared for the external thermal and waterproofing of the building with modern materials of the latest technology, ensuring energy savings, while the hotel is connected to the liquid waste treatment system of the city of Ioannina.

Natural materials for construction and construction of the building with respect to the architectural tradition and the environment.
At The Lake Hotel we use recyclable and recycled materials in both construction and operation:

  • ecological material layers
  • ecological bed linen change management, which give the feeling of purerooms
  • recycling bins throughout the hotel
  • ecological cleaning products, care products
  • 100 percent biodegradable doypack
  • use of detectors throughout the building for lighting and low consumption lamps

All of the above frame the original idea to create an environmentally friendly building, utilizing modern means as well as old techniques. The basis of the management of the natural wealth for the benefit of the environment was given by the geology of the area itself, which is full of aquifers that end up in Lake Pamvotida. A bet with nature won for the benefit of future generations and returned to the environment with zero processing. Thus, the pioneer was created for the size of the geothermal exploitation of the aquifers for the heating of both the water for use and the central management of the heat and cooling of the building. A project designed and implemented by ENSYS Energy of Nikos Maniadakis, creating a model unit in energy saving in Greece. With a cost of use estimated to save 70 percent in management and 90 percent in the area's natural resources.


Lake of Ioannina is a natural lake located in Valley Center, surrounded by mountains, creating a unique landscape of extraordinary beauty.
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