• Ioannina - Dodoni City Tour
Ioannina - Dodoni City Tour

Ioannina - Dodoni City Tour

Duration: 7 - 8 hours  

Visiting Ioannina is a unique experience. The capital of Epirus situated in the northwest corner of the Greek mainland is a historical and cultural gem. Influenced from Ancient Greek, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire, the city has plenty to offer. 

Surrounded by lake, Ioannina stands among mountain range and lavish countryside. The tour runs through the cultural and historic center – the city’s must-see treasures – and the architectural gems that reveal its glorious past. During our tour we will explore the city's old quarters dating back to 12th century, the palace of the Ali Pasha the famous ruler of the area during the Ottoman occupation, the Jewish quarters surrounding the castle and the old flea market. We will walk along the waterfront to identify the location of the old tanneries that the city was famous for.  

Next stop is the island of the lake Pamvotis, one of the very few in the world that had been occupied. The island is referred from historians since the 13th century where the first monastery was built; after that, 6 more monasteries followed and made the island a beacon of Orthodoxy and monastic life, the third most important in Hellenic territory following Meteora and Mount Athos. We will be able to visit only one and possibly the most important, the Philantropinon Monastery dating back to the 13th century. 

Walking in the picturesque alleys of the island’s settlement, we will continue to the museum dedicated to Ali Pasha, which is housed in the important monastery of Aghios Panteleimonas. After a short break for refreshment, we will return to the city of Ioannina where our transportation awaits us for the archaeological site of Dodoni 16 km from the city center. 

There we will have the opportunity to get acquainted to one of the most important oracle sites in Greece dedicated to Zeus. The complex has several buildings and structures, some of which hold a prominent position in the area. The ancient theater and the altar of Zeus are some of those. 

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