On the slopes of Pindos and at an altitude of 1.160 meters, you will come across a traditional village ‘lost’ in the dense nature!


Metsovo is a village that respects the traditional architecture of Epirus, which is evident in all paved alleys and stone-built houses. It is an ideal destination for all seasons, situated on the slopes of the mountain, and offering enchanting views of natural scenery that invites you to explore the traditions, the history and the pure natural beauty of Greece.


Places to visit in Metsovo


Besides the natural beauty, Metsovo also offers cultural stimuli, making your visit even more interesting!



Folk Art Museum of Metsovo


At the Folk Art Museum of Metsovo you will have the opportunity to find yourself in front of hand-woven textiles and embroidery, traditional decorations and furniture, objects such as utensils, weapons and coins, and learn about the history and tradition of the area.



Averoff Gallery


At the Averoff Gallery you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the Greek art heritage, as the gallery hosts an impressive collection of paintings by Greek painters of the 19th and 20th century.



The Garden of Averoff


The Garden of Averoff covers an area of about 10 square km and houses all the different types of trees that grow in the wider area of Pindos. It is an impressive scenery that you should not miss to visit!



Lake of Aoos’ springs


The artificial lake of Aoos’ springs covers an area of approximately 8.5 square km and is situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters, while being a natural habitat of great importance for the region.





The Lake Hotel provides excursion services in Metsovo for the whole family.



Action at the Anilio Ski Center, Metsovo



The newest ski resort in Greece, at an altitude of 1650m - 1850m, is located a stone's throw from the city of Ioannina and is an ideal short getaway for the whole family!


The Anilio Ski Center is located at "Guzel Tepe", a name given to the site during the Turkish occupation, which in Greek means "Beautiful Spine", and invites you to explore its and have fun at its 9 slopes. The variety in the levels of difficulty of the slopes lets everyone enjoy their time in the ski center whether they are experienced skiers and snowboarders, visitors who try the sport for the first time, or even young children. The ski center facilities include a two-seater lift of 800 meters, two slidings 280 and 300 meters, two baby lifts and two snowmobiles.


All routes will give you a magnificent view of the nature of Metsovo as you enjoy the fresh air of the mountain. Experienced trainers can accompany your mountain adventure and engage in the enjoyment of an unforgettable experience!

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