The luxurious Lake Hotel stands by the Lake Pamvotis, one of the oldest lakes on the European continent, in the basin of Ioannina. Stealing a bit of the lake’s glory, The Lake Hotel's facilities stretch along its waters and next to the Sailing Club, creating a fairy-tale like setting.


The 5-star gem of Ioannina, adopts the tranquility and glamor of the natural landscape and offers an experience that touches all senses. The noble luxury, the feeling of privacy and the discreet and warm hospitality of the staff, make the visitor the focus of attention and create a sense of a personalized stay.


The careful arrangement of the 40 luxurious rooms and the hotel's indoor and outdoor common areas, create the ideal getaway retreat in the city of Ioannina, while giving a warm feeling of “freedom”.


The Lake Hotel is the closest 5-star hotel to Ioannina Airport and to the Zagori area, which makes it the ideal starting point of an adventurous exploration journey in the surrounding areas.


At the hotel's luxurious facilities, visitors discover a paradise of high level amenities and services that meet every need and comfort the mind and soul. The swimming pool, the patio, the outdoor gardens and the specially designed playground gets everyone excited and create the right setting for moments of relaxation and fun. Inside the hotel, the sense of luxury emerges, evolving with the elegance and freshness of modern architectural elements, creating a theatrical and at the same time intimate atmosphere. The spacious interiors are characterized by the special architectural decoration of the ceilings and the marble element, aiming at stimulating the senses and growing the feeling of anticipation for the experience they presage. The on-site spa is a pleasant touch during the visitors’ stay and adds to the relaxation and tranquility of the guests. The luxurious facilities at The Lake Hotel also offer great conference rooms of character, which can be configured to meet the needs of conferences and events of all kinds.


The privacy and comfort of each visitor are the key elements of our philosophy. Luxury and safety will be the main elements to characterize your stay and The Lake Hotel will become your favorite shelter in nature.





The city of Ioannina, the largest city in north-western Greece, with a population of over 100,000 inhabitants, is located on the banks of Pamvotis Lake, at an altitude of 500m. 


Pamvotis Lake, one of the oldest lakes worldwide and the second oldest at European level, (aged approximately about 7 million years), is a sensitive ecosystem, which belongs to the European network of protected areas, NATURA 2000, because of the important habitats and the rare species of both flora and fauna living in the area. It is located at the foot of the mountain Mitsikeli and covers 22 km2 of the basin.


Its average depth is 4.5 m (deepest point is 8m) and is fed by the mountain Mitsikeli springs, while the outflow of the water is carried through the Lapsista’s ditch and is diverted to the river Kalamas. The Lapsista’s ditch was once a lake as well, which was drained in the 50s.


The existing Pamvotis Lake is the remaining of a larger ecosystem, which also included Lapsista Lake, drained in the 50s. It is worth noting that the existence of the one was directly linked to the proper functioning and the existence of the latter. Lapsista’s surface varied between the seasons and had less depth and surface in comparison to Pamvotis Lake.

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